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15 free administration templates for your 2017 web application

Bootstrap is the largest web development framework with a lot of features, all easy to use. We have hand-picked the list of the best management templates developed with Bootstrap 3. The approach of each template is different, some templates offer a wide range of personalization, while others focus on specific characteristics. We are sure that you will find a template that perfectly suits your needs!

These simple, but powerful administration templates are very suitable for web applications or any other website or project that requires a management panel. The templates will serve as a solid foundation for your next web project and will save you a lot of time. It goes without saying that Bootstrap allows these templates to be adapted to any mobile device.

1- AdminLTE 2 (Most Popular)


Admin LTE   administration template with included control panel, is the best open source template built with Bootstrap 3. AdminLTE offers a range of sensitive, reusable, and commonly used components.


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • More than 1000 icons
  • 6 themes
  • Compatibility with browsers
  • More than 18 plugins
  • Active community
  • Light

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2- Gentellela

Gentela – Bootstrap admin

Gentelella offers a collection of responsive, flat and complete administration templates. This theme is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework, as a framework for web development, using modern techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3, necessary for back-end solutions of any size. This is by far the most advanced and well-designed free template with administration panel that can easily compete with any high quality alternative.

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3- Metis

Metis is a simple, but powerful free management template, which you can use for any web application, service, software or any other. Feel free to share and download this template.

This template has a lot of different options and many different versions to test and find the perfect fit. This template will soon be updated with new design and functionality. Be sure to follow it to be the first to see the new functionality and additional features added. It will be built using Bootstrap 4.

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4- Matrix admin

The administration template ” matrix ” is a template designed with HTML5 and wonderfully very colorful and youthful appearance, intuitive and attractive, robust and sensitive.

The template is the perfect subject for amateur or professional webmasters who are setting up their home online for themselves, their projects or their businesses, and are in need of a reliable, robust and robust framework that they can develop their website without wasting time and effort in coding until the last bit of functionality and each resource.

Matrix admin  has an abundant package consisting of two different dashboard presentations, more than 20 integrated plugins to make your life easier and your design experience smoother and smoother, tons of very practical utilities and impressive templates and powerful graphics capabilities They do the job of analyzing and handling data or reports a simple one.

The graphics are professional quality, interactive graphics, color widgets and functional buttons, sidebars, headers and more await you within the template. Great cutting edge capabilities HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap make the management template fully compatible with all devices and browsers, mobile environment and extremely light and fast loading to the right of the box.

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5- Lumino Admin

Lumino is a clean, fresh template with administration panel and includes everything you need for your server administration panel. Some of Lumino’s many features are a general information page, graphical reports, various widgets, response forms, data tables Advanced, user interface elements and the example page for the login.

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6- Bootstrap Admin Theme

Although not as colorful and striking as other topics listed above, the main focus of this Bootstrap template is on usability and usability. The custom-made add-ons, different editors, and a lot of user interface elements and user-friendly interface ensures management template with great customization capability, is what makes the subject attractive to use in any web project.

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7- DashGum

DashGum is a simple and elegant administration panel. It comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible. With DashGum, you have tables, tables, a large number of panels, calendars, notifications, to-do lists and more.

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8- Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite is a template with a well-designed design for administration panels and dashboards. It is a free and available option to improve your websites. However, if you require more complex and complete options you can get your paid version. The latter is ideal for expert users and / or commercial use.

Ample Admin Lite , is minimalist, but flexible. You will get a Bootstrap based element with a quick customization. Use CSS and Lessbase impressive icons. The administration template is wide and lightweight, fully sensitive and has tables and graphs.

It is so simple and intuitive that it does not require documentation. Lite administration Amplio offers 7 demos to discover your style and personal preferences. You will get a simplified control panel, which is inspired by MegaMenu, and a basic data table. To get constant free updates and enjoy the full compatibility templates with many awesome plug-ins.

Ample Admin Lite  includes HTML, CSS3 and JS files within a sensitive and clear design. Go great theme and fun and be a totally free solution, which you can use for your personal projects.

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9- SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2   is an administrator template designed in Bootstrap, the template has a control panel, attractive graphics to develop a web app, intuitive user interface.

The theme features a large variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality beyond the built in UI features of template startup files.

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10- Siminta

Siminta is an administration template with a control panel, ideal for administration and back-end applications. It is a reliable system, easy to use and easy to customize. Siminta comes with a huge collection of plugins and user interface components that make their work easy.

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11- Devoops V2

With 2 color themes and more than 20 plugins Devoops v2 is a management theme and stylish dashboard that is incredibly versatile and customizable.

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12- TemplateVamp

Based on Twitter Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable administration template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 and CSS3. It can be used as a set of front-end tools for the rapid development of web applications that are lightweight, faster, and for mobile devices; a great starting point.

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13- Hierapolis

Clean and flat administration template, has a dashboard with modern design. Hierapolis is based on Bootstrap 3 with SASS and Compass.

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14- Simple Responsive Admin Theme

The simple response management template is a lightweight, non-image-based, free-flowing administration theme based on Bootstrap. You can use this administration theme for personal and commercial projects under the cc3.0 license

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15- Nice Admin

A powerful administration template based on Bootstrap that offers a clean and intuitive design that focuses on UX. It has been built to work perfectly on all browsers, tablets and phones. It includes advanced examples of graphics, validation of forms and maps.

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